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Toll-free: +1 800 653 5374

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship out all your PPE from warehouses in Canada or from other countries?

Everything you order with us will be shipped out from warehouses in Canada. Currently, we have one warehouse located in Ontario and one in Quebec.

2. Why is the fit of a non-medical mask or face covering important?

A mask is effective only if it fits, your mask should fully cover your nose and mouth. We encourage you to refer to Health Canada – How to safely use a non-medical mask or face covering?

3. How to wear a disposable face mask properly to avoid fogging up my glasses?

We suggest several ways to prevent foggy glasses.

  • Try to improve the fit of your mask as much as possible.
  • Pull your mask higher on your face and use the weight of your glasses on top of the mask to block the flow of air.
  • Use a commercial anti-fog wipe or spray on the market.

4. Are you selling non-medical face masks for kids?

Yes, we planned to bring into Canada new designs which are recommended for children above the age of 4 years, coming soon.

5. Can I wear a disposable non-medical mask if I have difficulty breathing?

Non-medical masks are not recommended for those who have difficulty breathing. Please look for health professional advice before you decide to choose one mask or face covering.

6. What is the best wearing time when I put on a disposable gown?

A disposable gown is designed for single use. If any type of fluid has soiled it, an object has penetrated the material, or if there is any type of abrasion on the gown, you should replace it.